Friday, August 14, 2009

Burdens: Driving with the Lord

Sometimes it is hard for me to write notes (as hard as that is to believe) because I have so much I want to say. Many times I don't say as much as I want because I don't want the details to bog down what my ultimate message is. Such will probably be the case with this.

I went to camp with my youth group this past week. We got back on Friday. It was an awesome week. Many times you come back from camp on a spiritual high and then loose it a few days after you get back. That is the typical story for many people. The reason is usually because at camp a student gets to hear the Word of God preached every day, praise God every day, and avoid sin that so easily traps us. Sometimes when a student gets back he stops getting in the Word, forgets to praise God, and falls back into sin. Well, it's my prayer that, that does not happen with those that were at this camp. However, with all that said, I will say that I came back from camp excited about how it went, yet sad to leave, yet happy to be home. Lots of emotions there.

This weekend was a good one. I got to spend time with my girlfriend after not seeing her for two weeks. I got a new phone. I got to spend a little time with my family. I got to blow things up. However, this morning I had to drive back to Buffalo, MO for church. I've been driving back and forth a lot this summer (not as much as I would have to if I didn't have a job at SBU) between Missouri and Arkansas. Sometimes it can get discouraging to be torn between two places.

6AM Sunday Morning: This morning I woke up to drive back to Buffalo. I went to bed a little around 1 AM the night before. I had seen my girlfriend all day Saturday but that was it after not seeing her for two weeks. Part of me missed camp. Part of me missed being at home. Along with all of that I had several other things on my mind. Some of those things I could put my finger on. However, there were other things on my mind that I didn't even know about- I just knew they were there. For two hours I drove back with burdens on my heart.

Hour 1: The first hour I sat there in silence. Just thinking. Just sitting.

Hour 2: The second Hour I turned on some praise songs and listened to them. It's not normal for me to have a trip like that and not be listening to a Sermon on my Ipod or a segment of Wretched Radio (I know...I'm weird. But I love that stuff) SO I listend to songs such as : You never Let Go (two times!), Shine, Clear the Stage (three times!), and others.

God can use songs to speak to us (especially ones that are based on His Word). Sometimes, it is good to sing those songs. Always, it is good to ponder the Words. Many times they are describing the Awesome God. Those songs were good and they did speak to me. It is amazing how the Lord can show up in those songs, even after you have heard them time and time again and give you new insights. The God of the Bible is real. He is the only God. I know it. The proof is everywhere. The proof is plain. The Bible says that all men know that there is a God. Creation attests to it. Creation is all around us (Romans 1:20, among others). Well another proof is that God is there. He is just there. He opened my eyes to some things using these songs. I was able to worship God this morning within them.

Thirty minutes outside of Buffalo: I finally turn off my music. My heart is still heavy. I am still burdened. I am weary. I am discouraged. I start running through some verses I know. Why is the Word of God supposed to be Preached? Paul commands Timothy to do it. He commands us to do it. The WORD of GOD is to be preached because it alone is the Power of God unto Salvation. Only the Bible. It awakens us. It speaks to us. The Holy Spirit illuminates it for us and helps us to apply it. It reaches into our soul. Why? Because the Word of God is the Words of the living, real, powerful, magnificent (why are there not enough words to describe him? Why is there not a word that can describe Him) Lord of all Creation. Christian, that is why you should be in the Word everyday. Someone said that, Sin will keep you from this book, and this book will keep you from sin. You don't have a desire to read it? What sin is there in your life that is keeping you from having a desire to read it? You need to turn from that sin. As do I when sin keeps me from desiring the Word of God. It is the pure, spiritual milk (1 Peter 2:1-3) Nonbeliever, you don't believe it? What sin are you so in love with that it is keeping you from believing in God? Repent of it and turn to Jesus today. I struggle with memorizing Scripture. I need to more than I do. I used to when i was younger. Why did I stop? Thank you God for reviving my memory. God gave me a verse this morning. I didn't have it completely memorized but I knew it well enough for it to speak to me. Moreover, I had my Bible and was able to find it quickly without wrecking (I don't recommend opening your Bible while driving). It was this verse:

Jesus is speaking: "Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." Matthew 11:28-29

So I did. And I did.

You may have burdens. You may need rest. Perhaps it is a sin. You can't get rid of it. Give it to Jesus. He died for you. He bore those sins and God's wrath was poured out on Him and thus your punishment is put upon Jesus if you would just turn to Him. Perhaps it is not a sin, just life. Turn to Him. He is the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1ish...?) He will provide you with comfort. Come to Him with trust and a repentant heart.

This blog was originally written as a Facebook note. It was published Sunday, July 5th 2009.

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