Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jesus Died for a Child of Satan

When I think about all that God did for me-- that He would save a wretched, disgusting, sinner like myself; that He would die for the creation that turned their backs on Him-- I am at awe. But it is even more incredible to realize that, not only did Jesus died for wretched sinners, those wretched sinners happened to be children of Satan.

This is tied with the doctrine of Adoption. This is the doctrine I have been thinking about today. Before repenting of our sins and trusting in Christ we were enemies of God. We were the children of Satan. It is one thing for someone to die and save their friend, child, or ally. But God sent his Son to die for people who were His enemies, children of Satan, and people who had totally rejected him. When we trust in Christ, He adopts us into his family and we become Children of God. This has several implications. But, for the sake of time, I want to offer a closing thought that focuses on these two implications:

1. If you are a Christian: You have been saved from so much: hell, death, sin, sons and daughters of Satan. Rejoice in your adoption into God's family and tell others (verbally and with actions- that is the Biblical way) about Him. Rest assured in Him, have your peace, and know that you are now a child of God.

2. If you are not a Christian: Jesus died for sinners, for children of Satan. You are a child of Satan and you have lied, stolen, and blasphemed the name of the God who gave you life. Think about how bad you are and realize how much God must love you to die for you. Repent (turn from) your sins and trust in Jesus.

I hope you find encouragement in that today!

This post was originally posted on Facebook on May 25, 2009

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